Every prom dress starts with a thorough consultation during which we go over your preferences, talk about designs, check out some fabric samples, and decide on a pricing. We will picture your ideal prom dress by sketching a variety of ideas while experimenting with various necklines, sleeves, and bodice styles.

As soon as you approve of the design, I'll take your measurements and make a "toile" (trial model) dress that you may try on at our subsequent appointment to ensure that the fit and size are correct. I will then make the final prom dress out of the fabric you choose.

No one else will ever own the same dress because it will be crafted just for you. No matter what shape or size you are, the dress will be designed to fit and flatter you exactly, giving you the self-assurance and stunning appearance you deserve on your big day.
Every dress is designed and made-to-order in our design studio in Cambuslang, just outside Glasgow.

Our comprehensive one-on-one personalised service ensures that your girl feels and looks absolutely princess-like at both the appointment and the junior prom. Why get a made to measure primary prom dress? The most significant one is that no one will be wearing the same outfit! Most dressmakers, like myself, limit the number of each style per primary school to one.

Your custom-made primary prom dress will not only fit your daughter perfectly, but you also get to choose the fabric, the materials, and any additional embellishments you want to include.

Your primary dress will be special and designed to suit your daughters individual taste. You'll be purchasing a primary prom dress that was especially produced for you as opposed to one that hundreds of other people already own.
Every dress is designed and made-to-order in our design studio in Cambuslang High Street, just outside Glasgow.

Here are our most popular prom dresses.

Our made to measure prom ball gowns have fitted bodices and voluminous, flowing skirts and will make you look like a fairy goddess who will be remembered at prom. The shapes available for this type of prom dress are diverse and include strapless, halter, A-line, sheath, mermaid, and more.

For prom, our custom made black prom dresses are a popular choice. It's a colour that looks fantastic on everyone and makes you appear thinner. Black connotes strength, refinement, and mystery.

Wearing one of our custom made red prom dresses will make you stand out and exude self-assurance, passion, and drive. For prom, red is a very fashionable yet timeless colour to wear. Red has a timeless appearance that exudes sophistication and elegance. Red is the ideal colour to wear if you want to stand out on prom night.

Our made to measure green prom dresses will make you the envy of the prom, whether it's mint or emerald. The colour green will make your eyes and hair glow if you have green eyes or red hair.

Our custom made blue prom dresses convey loyalty, calm, and trust. It is a lovely colour that will give you confidence at your prom. Blue has long been a popular choice for our prom dresses. With a custom made prom prom dress you choose the shade of blue, from pale baby blue to royal blue and dark navy, there are so many lovely shades of blue we can make your prom dress in.

When it comes to elegant prom dresses, satin is one of the most widely used materials we use in our prom dresses. And it's not hard to understand why! Satin is a glossy, supple, elastic fabric with a lovely drape. One side of satin cloth has a silky, shiny surface, whereas the other side has a duller surface. The fabulously lustrous face of this elegant and sumptuous fabric gives depth, movement, and drama to our prom dresses.

Its a made to measure prom dress we make with an off-shoulder neckline that has a large opening that exposes the shoulders. In honour of the actress Brigitte Bardot, who made this neckline extremely fashionable in the 1950s, it is also known as the Bardot neckline. The look has made a huge comeback and is perfect for prom.

It's a prom dress with bare upper back and straps worn around the neck. It creates the appearance that nothing at the back is controlling the clothing. Making you appear amazing and free!
A halterneck is a type of prom dress with a strap that wraps around the neck from the front of the prom dress, typically leaving the upper back bare. From the back, it appears that nothing is holding the prom dress up because the neck strap can be concealed by the wearer's hair.
The popularity of the neckline in our made to measure prom dresses is due to the fact that it eliminates the need to spoil the back detail of the prom dress with straps.

A prom dress with an empire silhouette, also known as an empire line, empire waist or simply an empire, has a fitted bodice that ends just below the bust, giving the appearance of being high waisted.

This design of prom dress is especially attractive to pear-shaped girls who want to accentuate their bust or cover up their tummy. The dress's silhouette also makes the body appear longer.

Girls of all sizes and body types can wear this prom dress. It is a prom dress with a large bodice flare that glides into a narrow hem.
A prom dress is referred to as "A-line" if it has a triangle silhouette, is fitting at the top and straightens out from the breast or waist to the hem.
More specifically, it refers to a structured prom dress that forms the sides of the letter A by standing away from the body.

This design of prom dress is always in fashion. It's a pretty dress with a front hem that's shorter than the side or back.

A long prom dress with a tight fit through the entire body and a loose flair out to the floor.
This style has a mermaid like "tail" that flares at or below the knee and is lovely choice for a prom dress. A lot of "tails" in our mermaid prom dresses have a seductive accent, lace, beading or ruffles.

Since it fits snugly and doesn't have a waist inseam, it emphasises the body's natural flow and flatters your shape.